Personette Group



The Personette Group started as an on-site marketing and sales company for high-end residential properties in Houston. Over time, they expanded to branded residences, master-planned communities, and destination properties.


For this growth, Personette created three separate websites for their different markets and audiences. But they soon became disparate and hard to maintain. In September 2013, we set out to simplify their messaging while engaging core audiences and reaching new investors.


Our site architecture strategy aimed to immediately identify their different user types. The central landing page organized the three different groups—buyers and sellers, developers, and investors—and directed them to their respective landing page. By doing this, we efficiently combined Personette’s multiple websites into one.


Agency a|muse Digital  /  Role Art Director, Lead Designer  /  Client Personette Group

We developed the new website while Personette Group’s marketing team worked on the rebrand. Working concurrently allowed us to influence the brand’s new look, feel, and tone of voice while targeting each audience. For example, we incorporated elements of their logo into the web design and color scheme. When showcasing Personette’s property portfolios, we used stunning photos with vibrant colors to inspire possible investors.

New visits comprise 57% of all site traffic. On average, users visit 7.43 pages and spend 7:30 minutes on the site. Even more impressive, returning visitors browse nearly 11 pages and spend 12:28 interacting with the site. This deep engagement tells us that the website effectively guides the target market to the relevant, meaningful information they’re looking for.