Gabriel Gamio


“A man without a mustache is a man without a soul.”


Gabriel Gamio

This is typically a clichéd paragraph checking off all the boxes and satisfying the laundry list of traits clients quest for in a partner: things like a solid work ethic, genial personality, loyal team player, and organizational habits that border on the obsessive compulsive but you know—in good way.

While I do bashfully bear all of these qualities, the truth is: cliché is a formidable foe in the struggle for great design. So let’s forgo the requisite, whitewashed, biography and get straight to the man behind the mustache—me.

I am an UI designer working in Houston, Texas. I honed my skills at various design shops and large agencies, the incredible menagerie of characters I had the privilege to call colleagues throughout my journey has led me to realize the essence of great design; the people. Tastes may vary, but truly magnificent design is unmistakable in its achievement—to bring form so close to function as to render them almost indistinguishable.

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