Gabriel Gamio


Interactive Kiosk


For more than 100 years, the Cadillac brand has embodied luxury, performance, design and technology. However, some people have started to think of Cadillac as a retiree's car.
Today, Cadillac is on a mission to shift perceptions and shatter the status quo—at the global, national and local level.


The Challenge

Houston-area Cadillac dealers needed a way to showcase new makes and models designed to resonate with a younger, affluent audience. a|muse proposed creating an interactive kiosk experience that would educate and engage potential customers in a less formal environment. However, Houston Cadillac had never developed a kiosk like this before.

Agency: Amuse Digital
Role: Art Director, Lead Designer


The Implementation

As the largest shopping center in Texas and Houston's most popular retail and tourist destination, it made sense to place the kiosk in the Houston Galleria. We wanted the kiosk to be a destination for people to discover more about the Cadillac lifestyle—from cars to music, fashion and food.

Amuse used technology to pull beautiful imagery and sharable, immersive content from various sources tagged with relevant Cadillac hashtags. The kiosk was a huge success, resulting in countless test drive appointments and record website session times.